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Make it easy to display


LianYi display is a customized manufacturer based in FoShan, China, we enjoy an efficient hands-on, collaborative approach to our work. Partnering with our customers to create effective retail spaces and sales promotion, we offer R&D, production and distribution of custom store fixtures, other retail display products and wholesale production of single model.

The key to delighting our customers is our people – expert in their areas, customer-focused, and committed to total client satisfaction. While we welcome feedback on the quality of our products, we relish the compliments about our staff. We bring our deep retail experience to bear. We look ahead and anticipate. We act as your champions in the ever evolving retail space.

We’d love the opportunity to learn more about your unique needs – if you need a partner to drive sales, reduce costs, or engineer a more effective system, we’d be happy to meet and share our ideas.

Welcome to contact us if you want a pleasant and relaxing cooperation.