SUNCOO PARIS fashion women's brand was founded in Paris in 2010 by Thomas and Stella. SUNCOO is intended to be Sun+Cool, intended to express the French people's self-confidence and independence and enjoy the attitude of life.

2010: The SUNCOO brand was incorporated in Paris;

2012: SUNCOO was invited to the Spring Department Store in Paris. In this world-famous brand, SUNCOO is one of the youngest brands, but it is quickly loved by consumers with its unique charm;

2013: SUNCOO opens its first brand store in the most influential area of Paris, Mahe District;

2013: SUNCOO was invited to the Galeries Lafayette department store in Paris to successfully showcase the French style of the brand to buyers around the world;

2014: SUNCOO was named one of the five most promising new brands in France by the well-known French clothing organization “who’s next”;

2015: SUNCOO has focused its development goals on the world. In the same year, the SUNCOO brand entered the US, Middle East, South Korea and other Asian markets and opened stores.

2016: SUNCOO officially entered the Chinese market, and successively opened stores in Shenzhen, Chengdu and other cities. SUNCOO focused on developing the Chinese market while expanding French brand stores, and cooperated with Chinese agents to plan the brand development goals for the next five years.

2017: SUNCOO was selected as one of the most popular French fashion ladies by the British ELLE website.

In the May 2017 online competition, the SUNCOO brand hit rate and search rate ranked third in the Glamour fashion list and was named one of the three most attractive brands in France by Glamour.

The future: SUNCOO will continue to focus on developing global brand chain stores with the strategic goal of becoming a globally renowned womenswear brand.

SUNCOO's shelves are mainly composed of gold-brushed stainless steel, marble and solid wood. The whole store is decorated in a simple style, and we are now mainly responsible for the shelf market of SUNCOO in the European and American markets and in the South China region.